About Us

shopGreen Magic is your one stop shop for all products required for Organic Farming. Conveniently located on the main road near Thevara, we stock from seedlings to tools to manure at our organic shop.

The main product categories are Hardened vegetable seedlings, Organic manures and slurries, Organic pest and disease control, Garden tools and equipment and Grow bags.

We also provide training and farm consultancy.

The achievements of the green revolution and the modern technologies have been proved to be unsustainable. These practices have eventually polluted our food web, environment and even the human minds. The search for alternatives, have taken us to organic farming, which looks back to nature as the teacher and philosopher. The language here is totally different from that of the scientific agricultural establishments.

The whole philosophy of organic farming is based on the understanding that nature knows perfectly well to manage itself, requiring our minimal interference.